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IBD International Business Development

Making time to develop an export strategy can be a major stumbling block for entrepreneurs with aspirations in the field of export. IBD is pleased to assist you in grasping and developing opportunities abroad. In becoming successful! IBD supports businesses in the food and non-food sector, who wish to capture new international markets, introduce products, or further optimise their export policy.

Strategic advice in drawing up an export plan

An export strategy serves as the basis for your export activities. IBD assists you in accurately addressing the vital issues. What is your aim: to increase your profit or turnover, or capture a share of the market? Which international market is suitable for this purpose, how do you find suitable foreign partners, how do you determine the positioning of your product, how can your firm gain a foothold among foreign retailers, or what is your strategy for sustainable export activities? Is your firm ready to start exporting?

Practical support in executing your plans

BD can be of assistance to you in several ways, when it comes to the execution of your export plans. As a consultant, a project manager, an interim export manager, or as the coach of your team.

Coaching programme (SIB, Netherlands only))

IBD provides coaching to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with export aspirations. Together, we examine your firm’s opportunities to do business abroad. You then work towards a concrete action plan. The costs of this sort of SIB programme are borne by the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs. SIB stands for Starters International Business

Workshops and training courses

We have other means of sharing our knowledge and experience with you, too. For example, we can organise (tailor-made) workshops and training courses for your firm’s (new) employees. However, we also work with students taking higher vocational courses (HBO): supplementing their theoretical knowledge with our practical knowledge; isn’t that good?

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