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International Business Development

Development voor exportuitvoering

Export advice

IBD, International Business Development for export advice

Making time to develop an export strategy can be a major stumbling block for entrepreneurs with aspirations in the field of export. IBD is pleased to assist you in grasping and developing opportunities abroad. In becoming successful!

IBD supports businesses in the food and non-food sector, who wish to capture new international markets, introduce products, or professionalise their export policy businesses. The very first step in the process: determining an export strategy. This serves as the basis for all your export activities.

Together with IBD, you accurately address the vital issues. What is your aim: to increase your profit or turnover, or capture a share of the market? What is your export strategy? Who are the export partners operating in that market? How do you place your product on that particular market? What market entry strategy do you prefer?

Strategic advice in drawing up an export plan

IBD possesses the knowledge and expertise required to offer you sound advice. Furthermore, we can provide support at a later stage, in implementing the plan that has been drawn up.

Would you like to learn more about your export opportunities? If so, then get in touch with IBD, International Business Development. We would be pleased to offer further assistance.

Export realisation

IBD, International Business Development for export realisation

Once you have established your export strategy, then you can commence with its realisation. In the field of export realisation, too, you have to make vital decisions. These include decisions regarding cooperation with export partners, and setting up or optimising your export logistics or marketing and sales process for instance. Another crucial aspect of foreign trade is accumulating knowledge of the customs and culture in the countries in question.

Throughout the past thirty years, IBD has acquired a wealth of experience, expertise and business contacts. And we are pleased to utilise them in order to render your export plans successful.

IBD can be of service to you in all relevant areas, as well as assuming the role of an interim export manager in practical realisation. You can therefore rest assured that your export management is carried out in a professional and targeted manner from the very outset.

You can avail yourself of our services in this area for either a brief or lengthier period. During a bridging period for instance, while you seek a permanent export manager. And if you wish, we can naturally also familiarise the new employee that you select with the duties that job entails.

Do you require support in implementing your export plans?

If so, then simply get in touch with IBD, International Business Development. We would be pleased to discuss with you the role that we might play in this regard.

Export Advice (SIB)

The Netherlands is an exporting nation. And in this increasingly globalised world, it is often worthwhile examining the opportunities available to SMEs such as yours to start exporting.

What is the most favourable approach for you? What are your strengths? Which markets offer opportunities? And what do you need to do in order to grasp those opportunities?

Coaching Programme (SIB, Netherlands only))

IBD offers coaching to SMEs with export aspirations. Together, we examine your opportunities to do business abroad. You then work towards a concrete action plan. The costs of this sort of SIB programme are borne by the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs. SIB stands for Starters International Business.

Starters International Business is designed for SME entrepreneurs:


  • You are a Dutch SME entrepreneur.
  • In total, your company, or the group to which your company belongs, in the current and the previous two fiscal years up to 200,000 € de minimis aid received. The time of commitment is determinative.

More info on the SIB-route can be found here