Finding the right international market, a quest

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Finding the right international market, a quest

You incorporate you export aspirations in a sound strategy: the basis for all your activities.

You possess the knowledge about your product and your firm, while IBD knows better than anyone else what the ingredients are for such a strategy. Following close consultations, you therefore receive balanced export advice.

The advisory process commences with analysis of your firm’s export potential and a market survey. Where do your greatest international opportunities lie? Who are your rivals and suitable partners? What entry strategy is in keeping with your international policy? Once you have established your export strategy, however, IBD can also play a role in its realisation.

Market selection

Selecting a foreign market is a crucial decision. In order to establish how attractive a certain country (or group of countries) is, one has to systematically gather all sorts of data. What are its demographic, economic, market-specific, geographical, political and cultural characteristics? What are the distinguishing features of your food product in that/those particular market(s)?

Together, we carefully determine the vital criteria for your choice of market. And the application of these criteria enables you to draw up an overview which is headed by the most suitable markets. You can then proceed to take the next step. And we would also be pleased to assist you during the following stages