Selecting the right export partners

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Selecting the right export partners

You incorporate you export aspirations in a sound strategy: the basis for all your activities.

You possess the knowledge about your product and your firm, while IBD knows better than anyone else what the ingredients are for such a strategy. Following close consultations, you therefore receive balanced export advice.

The advisory process commences with analysis of your firm’s export potential and a market survey. Where do your greatest international opportunities lie? Who are your rivals and suitable partners? What entry strategy is in keeping with your international policy? Once you have established your export strategy, however, IBD can also play a role in its realisation.

Export advice: Choice of export partner

This is not only a crucial decision, but also a very difficult one to make! In the case of this aspect of your strategy, too, it is prudent to carefully establish who you wish to cooperate with, as well as the background of this/these party/parties. Together, we define the criteria that a foreign partner has to meet. This enables us to draw up an overview of candidates, from which we then compile a Top 3. You can then proceed to take the next step again: defining the extent of your cooperation with the chosen export partner. And we can also assist you in this regard.

For example, IBD can approach the selected candidates to explore the possibilities of forging a partnership. Or we might actually pay the firms in question a visit. However, we can also investigate the firm’s reputation and, of course, its financial health. Once initial contact has been made and a partnership appears to be on the cards, then we can assist you in setting up the business activities, drawing up the contract and organising matters including logistics and finance.