Finding the right international market, a quest

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From an export plan to export realisation

Once you have established your export strategy, then you can proceed with its realisation. In the field of export realisation, too, you have to make crucial decisions. These include decisions regarding cooperation with export partners, and setting up or optimising your export logistics or marketing and sales process for instance. Another vital aspect of foreign trade is accumulating knowledge of the customs and culture in the countries in question. IBD can be of assistance to you in all of these areas, as well as assuming the role of an interim export manager in practical realisation.

Cooperation with export partners

Your ability to find the appropriate export partner in the markets you wish to enter can make or break your export aspirations. While selection is a crucial issue in this regard, the actual extent of the partnership is as least as important. You cannot possibly form a winning team with your export partner unless your objectives are both clear and unambiguously formalised in advance. There also needs to be a mutual sense of trust and commitment, however, and a personal ‘click’ between you.

In the event that you opt for a distributor or an agent, then you have to be assured that your product has their full attention: after all, such intermediaries often have numerous clients.

IBD not only has a substantial network in numerous countries, but also possesses the capabilities, knowledge and experience to take this aspect export management off your hands.

For instance, IBD can approach the selected candidates on your behalf, to examine whether partnership is an option. Or we might actually pay the firms in question a visit. However, we can also investigate the firm’s reputation and, of course, its financial health. Then, once initial contact has been made and a partnership appears to be on the cards, we can assist you in setting up the business activities, drawing up the contract and organising matters including logistics and finance.