Towards a sustainable export strategy

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Towards a sustainable export strategy

You incorporate you export aspirations in a sound strategy: the basis for all your activities.

You possess the knowledge about your product and your firm, while IBD knows better than anyone else what the ingredients are for such a strategy. Following close consultations, you therefore receive balanced export advice.

The advisory process commences with analysis of your firm’s export potential and a market survey. Where do your greatest international opportunities lie? Who are your rivals and suitable partners? What entry strategy is in keeping with your international policy? Once you have established your export strategy, however, IBD can also play a role in its realisation.

Export strategy

A sound export strategy serves as the basis on which to enter foreign markets. After all, a product can be marketed in various ways. Analysis is the keyword during the initial stage. There is an abundance of information available about every imaginable aspect. IBD therefore filters this information and establishes how it can be utilised.

We start out internally: jointly establishing basic principles and objectives, carrying out strength & weakness analyses and establishing to what extent your firm is ready to start exporting. It is then time to analyse the opportunities and threats of potential new markets for your product. All of this research ultimately provides the input to establish your export strategy. And once you have done so, then you can proceed – perhaps also together with IBD – to identify the rivals, consumers and distribution channels present in the countries whose markets you wish to enter. You may have to adapt certain aspects of your strategy, due to causes such as regulations or local requirements applicable to ingredients or packaging. However, important decisions relating to the selection of partners and market, positioning and method of market entry need to be taken at this stage.