Finding the right international market, a quest

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From an export plan to export realisation

Once you have established your export strategy, then you can proceed with its realisation. In the field of export realisation, too, you have to make crucial decisions. These include decisions regarding cooperation with export partners, and setting up or optimising your export logistics or marketing and sales process for instance. Another vital aspect of foreign trade is accumulating knowledge of the customs and culture in the countries in question. IBD can be of assistance to you in all of these areas, as well as assuming the role of an interim export manager in practical realisation.

Familiarise yourself with the culture of your market

Anyone involved in doing business abroad is bound to encounter different cultures, foreign languages, other ways of communicating. Research has shown that the majority of unsuccessful foreign projects actually fail as a consequence of a lack of knowledge of and/or attention to the cultural differences.

This is also a complicated issue, as it is difficult to disregard one’s own cultural values. Something that is considered quite normal in the Netherlands, may be viewed as a mortal sin in another culture. It is therefore vital that you always explore the country and the market you choose to enter. Get to know your rivals, and find out how they position their products in the market. Make contact with local consumers and discover what the local customs are in terms of doing business.

Fortunately, there are various models which exporting firms can apply with a view to preparing themselves adequately. IBD is not only familiar with these models, but has also acquired substantial expertise throughout the years.