What sort of market entry do you prefer?

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What sort of market entry do you prefer?

You incorporate you export aspirations in a sound strategy: the basis for all your activities.

You possess the knowledge about your product and your firm, while IBD knows better than anyone else what the ingredients are for such a strategy. Following close consultations, you therefore receive balanced export advice.

The advisory process commences with analysis of your firm’s export potential and a market survey. Where do your greatest international opportunities lie? Who are your rivals and suitable partners? What entry strategy is in keeping with your international policy? Once you have established your export strategy, however, IBD can also play a role in its realisation.

Market entry

Entry to a new export market also calls for research and strategic decisions. There are numerous ways of entering a foreign market. Would you prefer to export directly, indirectly through agents of distributors, or by concluding partnerships? IBD can assist you in establishing the most favourable strategy for your firm.

Next, it is vital to determine what marketing and sales activities are required to ensure that your product is successfully introduced to this new market. This calls for a marketing plan, which lists all aspects of promotion and communication to be pursued for your product in this foreign market. Does the market in question call for the adaptation of your strategy? Issues such as local regulations and legislation, and requirements pertaining to ingredients also need to be taken into consideration. Furthermore, is the name of your product appropriate for the market in question? In addition, agreements need to be made, and further steps taken in the sales process.