Product positioning: the key to success

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Product positioning: the key to success

You incorporate you export aspirations in a sound strategy: the basis for all your activities.

You possess the knowledge about your product and your firm, while IBD knows better than anyone else what the ingredients are for such a strategy. Following close consultations, you therefore receive balanced export advice.

The advisory process commences with analysis of your firm’s export potential and a market survey. Where do your greatest international opportunities lie? Who are your rivals and suitable partners? What entry strategy is in keeping with your international policy? Once you have established your export strategy, however, IBD can also play a role in its realisation.

Product positioning

Positioning your product for the appropriate target group is your key to success. If you make the wrong decisions during initial positioning, then you may later have to conduct a highly expensive repositioning campaign in order to rectify matters. It is therefore better to devote more time to reaching the right decisions in the first place. IBD has a number of experts with quite considerable experience in creative product positioning, and can therefore assist you in devising plans. It is often necessary to adapt your concept for different markets, largely due to the requirements and regulations applicable locally. IBD has the experience required to make such amendments.

If you feel the need to distinguish yourself, furthermore, then IBD’s creative capabilities may prove highly valuable to you. After all, a product has to satisfy a certain need, and it also so has to do so more adequately than similar products supplied by rivals. If you can convince customers that your product meets their needs better than any other, then you can largely avoid external influences that affect your market share. We therefore examine what a product can do, and what customer expectations entail, then use this as the basis to create a unique product identity.