Finding the right international market, a quest

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From an export plan to export realisation

Once you have established your export strategy, then you can proceed with its realisation. In the field of export realisation, too, you have to make crucial decisions. These include decisions regarding cooperation with export partners, and setting up or optimising your export logistics or marketing and sales process for instance. Another vital aspect of foreign trade is accumulating knowledge of the customs and culture in the countries in question. IBD can be of assistance to you in all of these areas, as well as assuming the role of an interim export manager in practical realisation.

Setting up/optimising the marketing and sales process

A major challenge – and often a very time-consuming aspect – in all sales transactions is gaining access to a retailer or some other foodstuff purchasing organisation. You immediately have to exercise power of persuasion during your initial contact, if you are to be granted an appointment. And then your product presentation needs to be so well organised that it proves successful. Not solely by presenting your product in a favourable light, but also explaining why the firm in question really should opt to sell your particular product.

The marketing and sales of products is a piece of cake to IBD, to use a food related metaphor. We can set up or optimise your marketing mix to the effect that your export activities achieve greater turnover or become more efficient. However, there is another essential aspect of the process: building and regularly maintaining networks is familiar territory to us.

IBD would be pleased to advise you on all the aspects that may render your marketing and sales process successful.